all about eve(ntual) history making

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as we all know, July 20th of this year marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. it’s quite possibly one of the most storied events in US history. before it happened, the idea of visiting space was just a fantasy. but that fantasy became a reality, and the rest is history (womp womp).

on a smaller & definitely more obscure scale, July 20th of this year marked another significant event, albeit on a less grandiose scale but still noteworthy (at least among music nerds).

many many years ago, i discovered a band from the UK called All About Eve. best described as “a bunch of ex-goth hippies who sing about fairy tales”, or in more literal terms “folk goth rock”, they stood out to me. unfortunately, they came & went and were virtually unknown in the States. their talent was promising, but like most underground artists of the late 80’s/early 90’s they didn’t have it easy between professional difficulties & personal differences. they split in 1993, and regrouped a few years later, only to split again in 2004. the individual members have all gone on to other projects, notably Ms. Julianne Regan, who likes to converse with her fans on social media when she’s not teaching music to university students (not too shabby of a career for a former music journalist-turned-bass player-turned-singer).

so what’s all the fuss about? why was July 20th such a big deal for an unknown artist? because it’s the first time in 30 years that Julianne and her ex-bandmate Tim Bricheno have recorded together since the latter left All About Eve due to the collapse of their romantic relationship (once again, a prime example of not mixing business with pleasure), which led to the eventual downfall of a promising band. sure, it’s taken a loooooooooong time for these two to even speak to each other again. but the end result of this new recording is absolutely magical. it’s not quite as momentous as the moon landing, but it’s one small step (ok, it’s a giant leap in this case) in a direction that was otherwise thought to be impossible.



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All About Eve, circa 1987. (l to r) Andy Cousin, Julianne Regan, Tim Bricheno (not pictured: Mark Price, who was preceded by a drum machine). that ex-Goth Hippie description wasn’t an exaggeration. 



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Ms. Julianne Regan: University Lecturer, still goth-at-heart



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here’s an accurate representation of me trying to expel Impostor Syndrome (or at least, keep it at bay) while i make my way through the current Phase 2 of this UX bootcamp:


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on a completely unrelated note, Barnabas Collins definitely suffered from Impostor Syndrome but hid it really well. i feel ya, Barnabas…i feel ya.

UX & i: it’s official

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you know how people say a relationship isn’t official until it’s on FB? i don’t subscribe to that school of thought, as i believe a relationship is official when the two people involved confirm so in real life. i did, however, receive an email from the UX bootcamp i’m in welcoming me to Phase 2 of the immersive. sooo…it’s official? (it is.)


anyway, one of the pre-reqs prior to beginning Phase 2 is to take a personality test since a lot of the work will be a collaborative effort. here’s my results


…after reading through them, it makes perfect sense why i got this one.

more humid than humid

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feeling it. now time to bust out Astro-Creep 2000 & Hellbilly Deluxe



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typography of a vampire

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now that i’m halfway through the first phase (take two) of my UX/UI bootcamp (and even happier to report i have successfully completed all the assignments early/on-time so far with minimal iterations needed for any of them), i’ve certainly learned a lot, including not to be afraid of Sketch & Mac OS, because it’s not as scary once you get the hang of it.

another thing not be to afraid of, but a lot of designers are? typography. it can be downright frightening to find the right typography pairing for your project. for example, if you’re designing an app for kids then you probably don’t want to include a creepy-looking horror font (unless, of course, it’s a Halloween-themed app). speaking of creepy-looking typography, one of the most iconic logos is that of the cult classic TV series Dark Shadows. i LOVE this show (i refuse to acknowledge the Tim Burton film, because it pretty much made a mockery of a classic but that’s a whole other can of worms). true, i wasn’t around when it aired & from a modern standpoint, it’s tame as far as horror is concerned (not to mention ridiculous, but that’s part of the charm). yet it found its way into my living room & my heart through syndication many years ago, & i’ve been hooked ever since. i could go on & on about how every character is so full of crap, that it takes 22 minutes to get to the point of the episode (or sometimes, it takes several episodes to explain one plot point), or the ever-present bloopers & line flubs (which need their own separate DVD/Blu-Ray collection). instead, i’ll share a link to a piece about the logo’s various typography incarnations & how each played a part in the show’s mass marketing (some succeeded & some failed). like Barnabas Collins, the logo has lived and died and lived again for new audiences to continuously discover…and fear not, fellow UX’ers & Web Designers- there will always be projects that require these fonts!


i’ll keep these in handy if i ever need spooky fonts for future projects






summer breeze makes me feel fine

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me, when i hear discussions about Halloween costumes & how people can’t wait for fall:


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the day the music burned

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what’s an archivist’s worst nightmare (besides running out of clean cardigans)? when the collection ends up in flames. what could make this nightmare even worse? that no one knows about it.

that was the case of Building 6197, also known as the video vault library of Universal Music Group, in June 2008 when a fire erupted at Universal Studios Hollywood, tearing through not only poor King Kong (who has since been rebuilt), but also 500,000 song titles from the early years of Rock N’ Roll through the mid-00’s. several of these were master recordings, and no other copies had been made. the loss was pretty historic, but the severity of the situation was kept private to avoid backlash from the estates of artists (as well as those still living) whose master recordings were destroyed. this was a tremendous loss in the world of archives, but hopefully from these ashes the phoenix shall rise (and blowtorches won’t be involved).