welcome to the machine

this is my WordPress. welcome.

i am a quiet person who possesses a loud mind.

by trade, i am a librarian for a large media/entertainment corporation. to coincide with my occupation, i will be completing a Master’s in Library Science in December 2013. during the Spring 2013 semester, i took a technology class in which students were required to use WordPress for school assignments. i decided to create my own in order to maintain WordPress as a skill set on my resume, since many librarians are now shifting towards the future by hosting blogs and learning formats such as HTML.

the name Phanteana (pronounced “fan-tay-nuh”) is inspired by one of my favorite films of all time: Phantom Of The Paradise (1974). in 2000, a Japanese toy company called Yellow Submarine (no relation to The Beatles’ film, which is amazing in its own way) licensed a line called Resurrection of Monstress. it featured female versions of characters from well-known horror films. one was dubbed Mask Of Phanteana, and was modeled after the title character in Brian DePalma’s cult classic. if you’ve never seen the film, it’s highly recommended.


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