Richard Matheson (1926-2013)


acclaimed science fiction author Richard Matheson passed away on June 23 at the age of 87. he was best known for such works as I Am Legend (1954), Hell House (1971), and What Dreams May Come (1978). a majority of Matheson’s works were adapted by Hollywood and many drew critical and financial success. in addition to the big screen, Matheson also penned for the small screen: his most famous contribution to television was a 1963 episode of The Twilight Zone titled “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”. it starred William Shatner as a neurotic airline passenger who sees a gremlin on the wing of the plane, yet repeated attempts to warn the crew go unnoticed and he is deemed insane. this episode has been parodied multiple times throughout pop culture history, and ranks as one of the most frightening moments in The Twilight Zone‘s lengthy run.

Mr. Matheson’s career spanned 5 decades and was cited as an influence by such writers as Stephen King and Anne Rice. he will be greatly missed, but his work will live on. after all, he is legend.


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