Unknown Pleasures

rare Joy Division tapes rescued from trash

talk about unearthing buried treasure…several boxes containing original masters and outtakes by Joy Division were recently discovered in the trash by a former assistant of the band’s producer Martin Hannett (1948-1991). also in the rescued collection were recordings by The Psychedelic Furs, Magazine, New Order, and other notable British bands from the late 70’s/early 80’s Post-Punk and New Wave era. the individual who located the collection is hoping avid Joy Division fans will take notice since these are most likely worth a lot of money, despite being in less-than-optimal condition…clearly, some basic understanding of conservation and preservation is needed to address this matter (while a Library Science background isn’t required for proper care of audio or video materials, it certainly helps to know what steps are to be taken to ensure these or any recordings are maintained or, if they are subjected to wear and tear, salvageable). an image of the tapes is below:

this is not the first time rare Joy Division recordings have been exhumed…in February 2012, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver came across some of the band’s master tapes while digging up the basement of a new restaurant he intended to open in Joy Division’s home city of Manchester.


One Response to “Unknown Pleasures”

  1. nice… Ian Curtis rocks! On a side related note, I recommend checking out the movie, “Uncontrolled”.

    – V

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