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fun with Joy Division

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if there were ever an oxymoron, this is it.



(if Ian Curtis were alive today, he’d be pleased that his fans have such a sense of humor)


hilarity in vocabulary

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two of my favorite random nonsensical vocabulary words:


meta-crap: this term was coined by Cory Doctorow in 2001. it’s used to describe issues with metadata (“data about data”). one of the courses i am taking this semester deals with Metadata, so the word meta-crap will most likely crop up a lot. according to Doctorow, there are 7 obstacles to achieving reliable metadata.



carmageddon: a term coined in 2011 to describe the closure of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, and the ensuing traffic nightmare it caused. it’s a fun word to say, but not so fun for anyone who has experienced it. the sequel, Carmageddon II, happened a year later.

some fantastic YA fantasy recommendations

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four weeks into the final semester of library school, and i’m still reminiscing about the YA literature class i took over the summer. it was one of the most enjoyable courses i’ve taken in the past 2 years of schooling, and really helped me to better understand a genre i previously knew very little about. while i won’t have much time to read for leisure until early December, i’m at least planning ahead to what series might be of interest for when the MLIS is completed, and i can do more reading when i’m out of the office (or maybe on days when the work flow is quiet). i came across Elinor Crosby’s list of recommendations for YA fantasy series…Ms. Crosby is the author of the awesome article “So You Have Blue Hair”, which i blogged about a few months ago. i’ve read Lord Of The Rings twice and seen the films way too many times (including the back-to-back marathon screenings in the theater…don’t judge me because i’m not the only one who has done so…for the record, i did not dress in costume. if i’m going to sit through 12 hours of film, i want to be comfortable- unlike the guys several rows behind dressed as Ents). i read The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe many years ago (and have seen the various film adaptations both live-action and animated) but never got around to the rest of the Narnia series. prior to reading Ms. Crosby’s post, i never heard of The Dark Is Rising or The Fionavar Tapestry, but they sound interesting. the final series in the list is Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles Of Prydain, which i never read but saw the mess of a Disney film known as The Black Cauldron. granted, that was many years ago so maybe i should revisit it despite my hesitancy…or at the very least read Alexander’s books to see where Disney went terribly wrong. at any rate, i will be glad to have some new reading to look forward to that doesn’t come from a textbook.

the shadow of the Wicker Man is rising up again

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British Cult Classic The Wicker Man To Be Re-Released September 27

good news for fans of The Wicker Man (the original, not the 2006 train wreck of a remake)…last month, it was announced that the long-lost digital restoration of the film was discovered at the Harvard Film Archive and will be shown in limited viewings throughout the U.S. on September 27. this version is the one originally intended by director Robin Hardy and screenwriter Anthony Shaffer, before it was cut by the studio in order to fit on double feature bills.

here’s some music to get in the mood!

Skinny Puppy’s ‘VIVIsectVI’ Turns 25 Years Old Today

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Skinny Puppy’s ‘VIVIsectVI’ Turns 25 Years Old Today.



…and now


still amazing.

Indiegogo Presents: Survival Art Sale

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Indiegogo Presents: Survival Art Sale

for the art and special effects buffs out there…artist Paul Komoda has organized a campaign on Indiegogo to sell some of his unique creations. for those unfamiliar with Mr. Komoda’s work, he has designed creatures for big budget films such as The Thing prequel (2011) and the recent Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (2013). in addition, Mr. Komoda has contributed to the worlds of commercial licensing (action figures), illustration, and sculpture. his clients include H.R. Giger and Marvel, and he has exhibited at galleries and conventions throughout the country. he is known for creating the stuff nightmares are made of, but anyone who is acquainted with Paul in person is aware that he has quite the sense of humor and is incredibly down-to-earth. he also does some terrific voice impersonations. for more information on how to donate and which items are listed, please see the link.