some fantastic YA fantasy recommendations

four weeks into the final semester of library school, and i’m still reminiscing about the YA literature class i took over the summer. it was one of the most enjoyable courses i’ve taken in the past 2 years of schooling, and really helped me to better understand a genre i previously knew very little about. while i won’t have much time to read for leisure until early December, i’m at least planning ahead to what series might be of interest for when the MLIS is completed, and i can do more reading when i’m out of the office (or maybe on days when the work flow is quiet). i came across Elinor Crosby’s list of recommendations for YA fantasy series…Ms. Crosby is the author of the awesome article “So You Have Blue Hair”, which i blogged about a few months ago. i’ve read Lord Of The Rings twice and seen the films way too many times (including the back-to-back marathon screenings in the theater…don’t judge me because i’m not the only one who has done so…for the record, i did not dress in costume. if i’m going to sit through 12 hours of film, i want to be comfortable- unlike the guys several rows behind dressed as Ents). i read The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe many years ago (and have seen the various film adaptations both live-action and animated) but never got around to the rest of the Narnia series. prior to reading Ms. Crosby’s post, i never heard of The Dark Is Rising or The Fionavar Tapestry, but they sound interesting. the final series in the list is Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles Of Prydain, which i never read but saw the mess of a Disney film known as The Black Cauldron. granted, that was many years ago so maybe i should revisit it despite my hesitancy…or at the very least read Alexander’s books to see where Disney went terribly wrong. at any rate, i will be glad to have some new reading to look forward to that doesn’t come from a textbook.


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