in an envelope on the mantlepiece (and in the basement, the 2nd bedroom, and so on…)

an auction house in Beverly Hills announced today that it will offer Tolkien fans the opportunity to bid on rare memorabilia from Peter Jackson’s film series. NBC News states that 80 pieces will be auctioned off, including:

  • prosthetic hobbit feet
  • Sting
  • Gandalf’s staff
  • a Ringwraith costume

these and other pieces come from a private collection, and are set to rake in a very hefty sum. the auction will occur on December 5, a week before the US release of The Desolation Of Smaug.

the anxious expression on Mr. Bilbo’s face isn’t from being inches away from a massive flying beast, but because he found out how much cash he’ll need to shell out for the life-size replica of the Cave Troll…the pile of gold he’s sitting on should cover it (along with his mortgage and grocery bills…and renovating the house to make extra room for all the new stuff).


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