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the road goes ever on and on…

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Tolkien-mania is set to continue on the big screen after The Hobbit trilogy comes to a close in December 2014. the L.A. Times reported that a biopic of the famed author is in the works, though it’s still in the very early planning stages. the film will focus on Tolkien’s formative years at Pembroke College, his involvement in World War I, and his friendship with fellow fantasy author C.S. Lewis. but before the project gets the green light, it must pass through the scrutiny of the highly reclusive and extremely picky Tolkien estate. one thing is for sure: it most likely will not be shown in 3-D IMAX HFR.


the lost art of cassette tape spines

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cassettes aren’t as obsolete as once perceived, as evidenced by a fellow named Steve Vistaunet and his love of mix-tape spine art.


background sounds

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what do librarians/archivists listen to when they’re working? it depends largely on what kind of organization they’re affiliated with. typically, libraries are known for being quiet spaces but thanks to the invention of headphones it is less likely that shushing will occur…unless, of course, patrons are singing loudly and off-key. fortunately, i am able to listen to music both at work (with headphones to be mindful of others who don’t share my tastes) and while doing library school projects at home. here is a listing of currently-in-rotation albums, not in any particular order:

  • Skinny Puppy- Myth Maker (2007)
  • Dead Can Dance- S/T Album (1984)
  • James LaBrie- Impermanent Resonance (2013)
  • The Saints- Grain Of Sand (1988)
  • King Crimson- In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969)
  • The Catherine Wheel- Chrome (1993)
  • Danielle Dax- Blast The Human Flower (1990)
  • Gary Numan- Exile (1998)
  • Pink Floyd- The Wall (1979)
  • Killing Joke- Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (1986)
  • Device- S/T Album (2013)
  • U2- Boy (1980)
  • Lacuna Coil- Shallow Life (2010)
  • John Lydon- Psycho’s Path (1997)

the list varies, but these are some examples. internet radio has become increasingly popular in the past few years as well, and it’s relatively simple for users to create their own libraries. readers are welcome to share their background playlists.

are librarians taking over the world?

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there used to be a joke about number-crunchers: “beware of accountants…they multiply”

while there is no such witty quip for librarians, it would seem that they are quite a prevalent presence throughout modern society. Tiffany Newton’s article “Are Librarians Taking Over The World?” examines the rise of the information professional in television, film, games, and even advertising. libraries used to be relegated to educational institutions, but now they are pretty much everywhere: law firms, hospitals, prisons, and film studios have specialized collections. the term “special libraries” pertains to non-traditional archives (in other words, more than just books) and has been tossed around library school since the first semester. the institution i work for is filed under this category due to its vast and unique collection.

there are two possible explanations for these ubiquitous librarians: either library school is becoming increasingly more popular or they’re really aliens.

these two have a different method of shushing noisy patrons. best thing to do is keep calm, read that copy of The 5th Wave, and smile politely when they pass by with the library carts…and make sure ALL books/movies/CD’S/video games are returned on time because these guys issue killer late fees.

a revelation from the lord of illusions

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a revelation from the lord of illusions

he (still) has the touch

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Peter Gabriel recently debuted a never-before-heard track that was originally slated to appear on his 1986 album So, but was left incomplete during the recording sessions, according to Rolling Stone. the song, entitled “Courage”, is the first piece of original material to be released to the public since 2002’s Up (PG’s most recent effort was the 2010 covers album Scratch My Back), and fits quite well with the sound Gabriel showcased during the mid-80’s. a long-lost gem has finally been unearthed.

another step closer to Desolation

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with just a little more than a month to go before the December 13 release date, here is a more detailed sneak peek at The Desolation Of Smaug. on November 4, a special fan event hosted by took place in 4 cities: New York, Los Angeles, London, and Wellington (with online streaming available to fans at home). audiences were treated to 20 minutes of newly compiled footage, plus a Q&A with Peter Jackson and some of the cast depending on which location they were at…Jackson was obviously in Wellington, while Andy Serkis was in London, Evangeline Lilly in Los Angeles, and Richard Armitage and Orlando Bloom were greeted by a wave of screams in New York. in order to maintain secrecy, PJ urged those in attendance not to record any of the footage and post it online out of respect for those who were unable to attend the screening. a massively detailed spoiler alert was posting on following the event.