are librarians taking over the world?

there used to be a joke about number-crunchers: “beware of accountants…they multiply”

while there is no such witty quip for librarians, it would seem that they are quite a prevalent presence throughout modern society. Tiffany Newton’s article “Are Librarians Taking Over The World?” examines the rise of the information professional in television, film, games, and even advertising. libraries used to be relegated to educational institutions, but now they are pretty much everywhere: law firms, hospitals, prisons, and film studios have specialized collections. the term “special libraries” pertains to non-traditional archives (in other words, more than just books) and has been tossed around library school since the first semester. the institution i work for is filed under this category due to its vast and unique collection.

there are two possible explanations for these ubiquitous librarians: either library school is becoming increasingly more popular or they’re really aliens.

these two have a different method of shushing noisy patrons. best thing to do is keep calm, read that copy of The 5th Wave, and smile politely when they pass by with the library carts…and make sure ALL books/movies/CD’S/video games are returned on time because these guys issue killer late fees.


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