Roland, Roland, Roland…keep them rumors rollin’…

adapting a book to screen is a massive undertaking, regardless of how simple the story itself is. for decades, the public assumed that Lord Of The Rings was completely unfilmable but Peter Jackson has clearly solved that dilemma. H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness is another example of a book that has run into complications from studios hoping to bring it to life. but there is one book series that has been plagued by rumors for years as to whether it will ever receive the celluloid makeover, and that series is Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower. anyone who has read any portion of this epic tale would most likely agree that it’s a movie waiting to happen. Ron Howard (Splash, Apollo 13) has been attached to direct it, however casting has so far been a nightmare and the project was initially shelved in 2011 but has been reignited thanks to unconditional interest from fans. the latest reports that have surfaced mention Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul is up for the role of Eddie Dean. although Eddie doesn’t appear until the second book, he is considered a highly important protagonist. the biggest headache has been navigating casting choices for the lead role of Roland the Gunslinger. originally, Javier Bardem was approached but that seems to have fallen to the wayside. Liam Neeson has also claimed a desire to portray Roland, and despite pushing 60 he is still able to perform many of his own stunts. Randall Flagg (The Man In Black) and The Crimson King, the main antagonists, will no doubt be a struggle to find the right actors to fit those roles. hopefully, this production will get underway soon since Stephen King isn’t getting any younger and probably wants to see how 30 years of laboring over this series translates onscreen.


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