like a bat out of hell in the temple of love

two artists that most people would never include in the same sentence are Meat Loaf and The Sisters Of Mercy*…at least, in theory. turns out these two are more similar than the music-purchasing public realizes: both are over-the-top in music video and live format. in addition, both have collaborated with master producer Jim Steinman. yes, that’s correct…the same guy who produced Bat Out Of Hell (and its subsequent sequel 15 years later) also produced “This Corrosion” and “Dominion/Mother Russia” (credited as co-producer). this bit of trivia might seem bizarre at first, but after listening to both of these artists’ selections, it now makes perfect sense why they chose Steinman to collaborate. an article on the A.V. Club explains how Andy Eldritch, Goth Rock’s favorite curmudgeon, fused drum machines and metallic guitars with Meat Loaf’s brand of rock musical theater and turned it into pure gold.

*author’s notes:

  • i have seen The Sisters Of Mercy in concert 4 times (1998, 1999, 2006, and 2008). although they sound amazing on a home recording, their lives shows leave much to be desired. the over-usage of fog machines completely shrouded the band, and although i love their back catalog they haven’t released a single new song since 1993.
  • Andy Eldritch does not like being called Goth, but perhaps if he removed the Aviator sunglasses he would see that the 2500 fans in the venue are dressed in head-to-toe black.
  • at the organization i work for, i am friends with a fellow in the Editing department. he is a huge Sisters Of Mercy fan, and still raves about The World’s End.
  • i purchased Floodland on cassette when i was 17. it was a used copy priced at $1.50. it’s still in excellent condition, and plays beautifully.


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