toolin’ around

reports of Tool nearing completion of a new album (their first since 2006) have proven to be false, according to the latest issue of Rolling Stone. guitarist Adam Jones joked to fans at a recent show in Portland about the album’s impending release date, but the comment was taken out of context and a wave of reports surfaced on the internet sending Tool fans into a frenzy over the idea that the album was finished. the public will just have to wait a little longer, since massive time lapses between albums are common for Progressive/Art Rock* musicians. it’s a tedious process, but it’s better not to rush quality recordings.




*one of the greatest musical misconceptions is that Tool are classified as a Metal band. this statement irks me endlessly, as i consider them to be a modern incarnation of King Crimson. everything about Tool (lyrical content, lengthy album tracks, theatrical stage presence and enigmatic video concepts) screams Prog Rock. but differing opinions make the world a more interesting place.


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