librarian myths debunked

librarians are bombarded with questions that border on everything from annoying to ridiculous: yes, an MLIS is required for most library positions though a very small amount will accept a Bachelor’s Degree with some form of library experience (such as a page program or internship). no, not all librarians are avid readers; some are specialists in art, music, theater, sports, or history. i work in a non-traditional library setting that focuses on archiving and cataloging television programs and live music, so that would be my area of specialty but i am also an avid reader. in addition, Google is not a replacement for the Ask-A-Librarian function. on the I Need A Library Job blog, Aimee Graham posts 10 of the most common librarian myths and her responses to each with an honest-yet-humorous approach. contrary to certain misconceptions, we’ve come a long way from the days of stamping books and itchy wool cardigans!




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  1. HHHMMMMMMMMMM, me too, I had no idea!!

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