filed under “special collections” (emphasis on “special”)

the words “library” and “taxidermy” don’t often go hand in hand…unless, of course they’re filed under “special collection.”

the recently renovated Morbid Anatomy Museum and Library manages to combine both the macabre and the educational through a series of lectures, exhibits, and even field trips. similar medical oddity museums include the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia and the Royal College of Surgeons in London…and while it’s not a museum, Necromance in Los Angeles offers customers a selection of unique gifts (because there is bound to be at least one person on a shopping list who wants a stuffed bird or human skeleton in their living room). visitors to the Brooklyn, NY-based Morbid Anatomy can view taxidermied squirrels (and learn how to make their own through a workshop offering), read about medicine, and peek at fine art containing brains. the library serves as a gateway to a world we are not completely accustomed to, and folks who visit leave with a wider knowledge (and possibly a more sensitive stomach).


Image of Set of Four Morbid Anatomy Museum Cork Coasters






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