life (on blu-ray) at last!

in honor of its 40th anniversary, Phantom Of The Paradise (one of my favorite movies ever, as evidenced by the background and namesake of this WordPress) is finally getting a blu-ray makeover! set for a U.S. release date of August 5th, the 2-disc set will feature new commentaries/interviews with director Brian DePalma and stars Paul Williams and Jessica Harper. there will also be a host of bonus materials including the theatrical trailer, outtakes, and a making-of documentary. the Paul Williams interview will be moderated by Guillermo Del Toro, who has described Phantom as one of his major film influences. of particular interest to devoted fans will also be the inclusion of interviews with the late William Finley, who passed away in 2012. aside from the music and the highly recognizable costuming, Finley’s role as the title character is what truly made this cult classic memorable. i’ve owned the DVD for years, so perhaps it’s time to upgrade to blu-ray.


Phantom of the Paradise


*author’s note: i am the owner of a very rare silver ring shaped like The Phantom. it was custom designed as a gift for me a few years ago. although i never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Finley, i was told he saw an image of the ring on the internet and was very pleased that the film had such a lasting impact. i did, however, have the honor to meet his widow last year and show her the incredible (and somewhat heavy) piece of sterling silver inspired by her husband’s famous role. she was in awe, and it meant so much to me to be able to show it to her. in addition, Jess Harper saw the ring in person in 2012 and she absolutely loved it. it’s a highly unique piece, just like the film that inspired it.



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