Vlad Tepes: the man, the myth, the movie star


it may be the midst of the sweltering Summer movie season, but the crisp air of Halloween arrives early in the form of the recently-released trailer for Dracula Untold. written as an “origins” story, this rendition examines how nobleman Vlad Tepes morphed into what became the basis for Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula (with plenty of CGI action to boot). Luke Evans (Immortals) plays the role of Vlad, who strikes a bargain with an ancient evil in order to save his family and kingdom from the invading armies of the Ottoman Empire during the 15th Century.

what is interesting about the trailer is that while Dracula is commonly viewed as a villain both in print and visual form, he is seen more as an unlikely protagonist in this new examination, giving him a more human identification that other portrayals. to add to the already dark mood of the story, the clip features Lorde’s bone-chilling version of the Tears For Fears classic “Everybody Wants To Rule The World“, a title that seems to fit Vlad’s struggle for power.

if the rest of the film (due out October 17, just in time for Halloween!) looks as promising as the sneak peek, then audiences shall be placated until Mr. Evans’ “other” film arrives in theaters 2 months later.


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