where have all the librarians gone?

supposedly, the field of librarianship is a steady one. but for many library school graduates, it can be a bit of a challenge to find work post-graduation. this is partially due to competition in the job market (which tends to be greater in urban areas) and the lack of retirement among elderly librarians. in fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that two professions most likely to experience a shortage of workers are librarians and sea captains (yes, you read that second one correctly…sea captains). but there is an upside: wages will grow, so all those sea-faring archivists will have higher salaries after long periods of stagnation. but for the job seekers out there who have obtained their MLIS, volunteered or interned, and spent countless waking hours rehearsing their Prezi presentations on the history of cataloging, the pinch is definitely felt. hopefully things will pick up for all the recent graduates, and they won’t get too dizzy from staring at their LinkedIn profiles through countless updates.


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