the 3 R’s: reading, riding, and remembering

whether you live in a major city or a sprawling rural area, there is bound to be a library within reach. but with so many changes in our modern society, libraries are no longer merely brick-and-mortar institutions. some are on-the-go services, and this isn’t just relegated to Winnebagos; in Colombia, a teacher and his donkeys- collectively known as the Biblioburro– bring books to school children in rural areas. it’s a really wonderful concept, because some of these kids live in such remote villages and might otherwise not have access to library materials.

libraries provide patrons with a quiet place to work, play games, or read the latest bestseller. but there’s a place even quieter than the library itself, and no one is there to shush you if you sneeze or cough too loudly:

the Jüdischer Friedhof Krems, located in Austria, has been around since WWII. it is a burial site to nearly 130 Jews who perished during the War. in 2004, a library was designed by two artists as a means to allow visitors to borrow or add books, though its purpose is more of a memorial sculpture.


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