how soon is never?

an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the penultimate honor for any musician. originally, the voting was conducted by journalists and other music professionals but in recent years it has opened up to the public. most of the acts that have been bestowed entry into the Hall of Fame are of no real surprise based on their lengthy careers and iconic presence (Led Zeppelin, U2, Elvis Presley, etc.). but the potential nominees for the class of 2015 includes what might rank as the most left-of-center choice in the Hall’s history: The Smiths.

despite releasing some of the most influential albums during the 1980’s, The Smiths are also known for their highly acrimonious divorce over 25 years ago. critics and fans alike agree that if they had remained together, their success would have been massive. but Morrissey and Johnny Marr have been at each other’s throats for years in a messy legal battle over royalties…or as this recent article from Entertainment Weekly states: “they just plain don’t like each other.” it’s a shame this is the case, seeing as how 2014 has been stressful for both: Marr’s sophomore solo album just doesn’t capture the magic of his former band, and The Moz revealed his constant cancellations are due to his battling cancer. an award like this would truly lift their spirits, and maybe even sway them towards a virtually preposterous (in their opinion, at least) direction: to share a stage for the first time since 1987.

hypothetically speaking, if The Smiths were to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, would they even bother to show up? most likely no. but considering Morrissey has no problem performing some of their hits in concert, perhaps that is a small sign of hope for those of us who dream the impossible dream.

….and this has always been my favorite Smiths song.


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