building the perfect beast

ever read those career-oriented websites that feature articles on how to take cues from historical celebrities (i.e. Abraham Lincoln, Pocahontas, etc.) when it comes to improving professional images? some of them can be downright boring. but a recent posting on ZipRecruiter offers some timely advice (literally speaking, since tomorrow is Halloween) on this subject matter by relating it to some of Hollywood’s most well-known ghouls. Dracula, for instance, is a charismatic leader with solid people skills, can keep calm under stress, and is willing to sink his teeth into any project. the Wolfman, on the other hand, takes the work/life balance just a bit too far; sure, we all like to go out and enjoy ourselves after a long day at the office. but co-workers eventually notice habits like chronic lateness or falling asleep at the desk. so it’s best to limit the nocturnal outings to the weekend. Frankenstein’s performance review would suggest he take advantage of the free courses offered by his company, particularly if they can help with anger management. finally, zombies are the result of what happens when a job becomes tedious and completely drains its workers of life. but there’s a solution to that (and no, it’s not eating the bosses’ brains): networking!

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