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blunt the knives and bend the forks…and save room for second breakfast

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hobby, schmobby

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a happy ending for the Grimms

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after years of severely watered-down modifications and PC adaptations, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are finally living up to their last name thanks to a newly published English language version of their first edition stories that originally appeared over 200 years ago. as featured in The Guardian, the new publication will contain all the gore of the days of yore and a whole lot more. the author and translator, Jack Zipes, is a professor at the University of Minnesota who feels strongly about the ceasing of “dumbing down the Grimms’ work.” he’s right. too often, fairy tales morph from gruesome to gorgeous simply to placate audiences and to alleviate concerns over appropriateness for younger crowds.

on the subject of appropriate nature for children, Maurice Sendak comes to mind right up there with the Grimms (ahem, Banned Books Week). in fact, one of Sendak’s most memorable works was Dear Mili, based on a letter written by Wilhelm Grimm to a young girl in 1816. while not overtly graphic or violent like the Grimms’ more well-known works, Mili evokes a wave of emotion from adults and children alike in part to its themes of separation and loss. when i was in Library School, i took a course of Children’s Literature and one of the assignments was an Illustrator Study. Sendak had passed away a few months prior, and it seemed fitting to choose him as my subject matter. i did not own Dear Mili at the time (i later found a used copy for $2 on Amazon), so i borrowed it from the library. strangely enough, the librarians seemed nervous when i asked for it along with Outside Over There. they revealed they were so disturbed by the themes, that they couldn’t bear to read it to their own kids and grand kids. if a book causes that much discomfort, it’s evident that the Grimms were a major influence on Sendak…and that influence is certainly held by countless other writers as well. readers are able to decide which version they prefer, but if they really want the full experience they should opt for the elements that truly make the Grimm brothers…well, grim.

(this is not the real Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, obviously. but a fine representation, nonetheless)

[FLA]vour of the Week

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and here we go. again.

(author’s note: i have never seen Front Line Assembly live, so this is a real treat).

one last time

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librarians in horror films

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Halloween has come and gone, but scary movies can be watched any time of year. here’s a list of where to catch mystery/thriller/horror films featuring information professionals, courtesy of the Reel Librarians blog:

Librarians in horror films.

late fees can be downright frightening