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Post-Punk and the Bunnymen

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Post-Punk and bunnies: a winning combination! (the depictions of The Stranglers’ Black And White and Strawberry Switchblade’s self-titled album are absolutely adorable)



anarchy in the library

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Washington D.C. just got a little louder, thanks to the addition of the D.C. Punk Rock Archive at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. hail to the chiefs of Dischord Records!

chameleon chronicles

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every face of David Bowie ever, in one glorious animated GIF:

taylor made

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bye bye, Taylor.

author’s note: i had the privilege of meeting this fine gentleman in May 2013, courtesy of a mutual friend. Taylor was basically a regular guy who happened to be a celebrity. it was a day well spent that i still think of fondly and often.

hi-fi sci-fi

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now that The Hobbit trilogy has reached its journey’s end (but still battling it out at the box office), it’s time to peer into the future to see what films will pique the interest of sci-fi/fantasy/horror fans. the new year has barely just gotten underway, but there already rumblings and teasers online pertaining to the big releases of 2015. in fact, there’s a whole list of what to expect courtesy of io9…and so far, i’m intrigued by a few of the selections. however, what i am about to say will be extremely shocking…here it goes: i am NOT a Star Wars fan. there, i said it. it’s not because i’m female. it just never really resonated with me. but to each their own.