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luminous lumage!

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what makes a great animated film…is it the plot development? the characters? the musical numbers? the animation itself? it’s a combination of all of these. truthfully, most animated features are pretty standard as far as their presentation; this statement cannot be applied to John Korty’s 1983 cult favorite Twice Upon A Time, because it is anything but mainstream. however, the lack of traditional screen fare and unusual style approach are by no means negative traits. despite its initial commercial disappointment, the film is regarded as a tour de force in animation and lauded by artists and fan alike. it is also incredibly difficult to track down, and has only been available in VHS and Laser-disc formats. but Korty confirmed at an extremely rare screening of the film in Brooklyn, NY that Warner Bros. will finally release Twice Upon A Time on DVD this year. this includes both the PG-rated family-friendly version, and the profanity-laced “adult” version made without Korty’s consent. after years of wondering and waiting, we can emerge out of the Murkworks!




(author’s note: the opening credit music, Bruce Hornsby’s “Heartbreak Town”, is insanely catchy)


the atrocity exhibition

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ever dream of the opportunity to live in the home of a celebrity? well, that chance could very well come true for whoever is willing to plunk down 115,000 pounds to live in a home that was once owned by Joy Division front man Ian Curtis…and to prove this isn’t a hoax, here is the actual real estate listing. the house has been inhabited previously, though it’s uncertain if the tenants were aware of its history.

shortly after the announcement was made, concern arose as to whether re-developers would bulldoze it to make room for (gasp!) condos. that’s when the idea came to launch a campaign to convert the home into a museum. just imagine…the sounds of “The Atrocity Exhibition” playing on the loudspeaker as patrons enter…”this is the way, step inside”…

77 Barton Street, Macclesfield. it’s not much to look at on the outside, but the inside is full of memories.

the trooper

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startling news was released that Bruce Dickinson has been undergoing treatment for tongue cancer for the past several weeks. what began as a routine physical led to chemotherapy, and fear ran rampant that a powerful voice would be silenced. but luckily, the tumor was caught early and the prognosis is positive. may Bruce be blessed with immortality, along with his equally talented (and handsome) cousin Rob…because i am still waiting for these two to collaborate. imagine the beautiful music they could make together. a reworking of “Black Metallic” would be heavenly.

Future Boy

Machine Man

heroic deeds

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be the hero the library deserves…return your books/CD’s/DVD’s/video games on time!

(still) breakin’ the sound barrier!

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remember the classic Maxell advertisement with Peter Murphy? now it can be gloriously experienced over and over again in GIF format.

a mind is a terrible thing to waste (and so is a library card)

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reading: it does a body good

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