the return of the living dead technology

remember VHS? well, it’s back from the dead. many libraries still circulate VHS tapes in their collections, and the brick-and-mortar video stores that remain open in the shadow of Netflix and other home-streaming services continue to carry them. i still have quite a few VHS tapes, and have managed to preserve them so i can enjoy their use for future playback (though sadly, my beat-up old copy of the Rankin/Bass edition of The Hobbit– which was purchased for $1 at some going-out-of-business sale- finally went to The Big VCR In The Sky in 2013 after 15 years of ownership. but it lived a long and damage-free life thanks to proper care).


now one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the US, Yale University in New Haven, CT, has recently acquired approximately 2700 VHS tapes for its collection. a large portion of the bundle consists of horror films from the 70’s and 80’s (most of which are probably so bad, they are intentionally funny), and the idea came about from several students utilizing the cover art of these movies in their papers for a course on Horror and the literary imagination, depicting how scary flicks are marketed to their target audience. the tapes will be cataloged and eventually digitized (pending copyright laws don’t prevent them from doing so), since VHS can be difficult to preserve. it will naturally take time to process through all the materials, but once accomplished Yale students and faculty can access some of the best worst movies ever made for educational and entertainment purposes.



be kind and rewind!


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  1. […] it was added to the list of schools with horror movies in their libraries (scroll back to the March 15 post about Yale University’s collection of cheesy 80’s Horror flicks for more information), […]

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