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Middle-earth’s “master of light” passes away

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farewell, Mr. Lesnie. onward to the Grey Havens.

A Tolkienist's Perspective

Andrew Lesnie

Andrew Lesnie (1956-2015)

What looked like the start of a positive and optimistic day, soon turned into a melancholic struggle.

Andrew Lesnie, the master cinematographer whose indispensable contribution brought Middle-earth to life, passed away earlier today.

To general audiences the name of actors and directors are perhaps at the forefront of a film-viewing experience.

To someone like me who loves the technical aspects of filmmaking, the work of every major crew member behind the camera is of deep interest.

As with many others, I was introduced to Andrew Lesnie and his work via The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Suffice to say, the impressive visuals captivated my young mind and made me believe in the wonders of Middle-earth.

Peter Jackson may have had the vision and direction, but Lesnie brought the artistry to the moving images.

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Happy World Book & Copyright Day 2015!

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get medieval on you, Yoda will. hmmmm.

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i’ve probably mentioned at some point that i’m not much of a Star Wars fan…it’s not a seething hatred, but rather a general indifference. in fact, i haven’t even viewed the trailer for the latest addition to the franchise. i admit to committing pop culture blasphemy because of my apathy towards George Lucas (although i did get to hear James Earl Jones speak at a college graduation over a decade ago, and it was quite entertaining). with that said, i came across an interesting article courtesy of the AV Club, in which a curator at the British Library has discovered a 14th century manuscript featuring a drawing of a familiar little green man. so did Yoda exist in medieval France? possible, anything is. hmmmm.



Good, reading is. Herh herh herh.

Happy National Library Week 2015!

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Suspiria on the small screen?

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with the growing trend of film franchises being turned into weekly series (Bates Motel, Gotham, etc.), it seems the latest entry to undergo this treatment might belong to Dario Argento’s Suspiria. according to, Argento is on board to serve as artistic supervisor and the series will delve further into the book that inspired the film, Thomas De Quincey’s “Suspiria de Profundis.” series debut date TBA. in the meantime, we can all continue to enjoy that Goblin soundtrack!

under the april skies

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