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“the tape from which it comes must be guarded at all costs”

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these days, just about anything can be found on Ebay…including the original 35mm and 16mm negatives, along with other assorted goodies, from (one of THE greatest movies ever) Phantom of the Paradise! a recent listing offered (on reels, no less) outtakes, deleted scenes, coming attractions trailers, and a wealth of production notes and invoices. despite a hefty price attached to it, the auction has ended (whoever ended up plunking down the winning bid now owns a piece of cinema history). but below is an image of the actual Phantom reels to remind us of this forgotten media that somehow still manages to crop up even in the digital age.



take a look, it’s in a book!

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getting a-head with F.W. Murnau

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it’s a bad week to be F.W. Murnau, or at least what’s left of him. the late director’s grave was vandalized recently, and the perpetrators, described to be members of a possible satanic cult, opened his grave and took off with his embalmed head. Murnau died in a car crash in 1931, just a few years after his masterpiece Nosferatu was unleashed onto the public. but this news story proves he’s still making “headlines” today (yes, i know…silly pun).

25 years of moving image mania

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the Association of Moving Image Archivists celebrates its 25th year! congrats to all the members and supporters who have contributed to the preservation of moving image materials over the past 2 decades. we salute you!

the wrath of Robin Hardy

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the shadow of the Wicker Man rises up again! Robin Hardy has set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund production for The Wrath of the Gods, the 3rd (and most likely final) film in The Wicker Man trilogy. the movie will also be a tribute to the beloved Sir Christopher Lee, who passed away last month and starred in the original Wicker Man back in 1973. Lee often considered the role of Lord Summerisle to be one of his favorites, so it’s fitting that Hardy continues the tradition with another big screen adaptation (even though the laird of the land will not appear in the new picture). shooting is expected to begin in October, but donations to the fund have begun piling in (check out the awesome perks)!