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no more nightmares

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one R-ating to rule them all

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move over, Smaug. Middle-Earth has a new enemy: the MPAA. Warner Bros. has confirmed that the extended cut of Battle Of The Five Armies will receive an R-rating when it’s finally released on DVD in mid-November (though the die-hard fans will see it a month early when it screens at various theaters across the US on October 13). so what’s the reason for the rating upgrade…is it Gandalf’s excessive pipe smoking? do the Orcs curse up a storm? do Tauriel and Kili go all the way? no, it’s due to “some violence*.” well, that’s not very descriptive considering 3/4 of the theatrical film consisted of the titled battle.

*i know what it is, but i’m keeping quiet.

meet your (monster) makers

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the trailer* for the upcoming re-imagining of Frankenstein, starring (the extremely handsome) James McAvoy and The Actor Formerly Known As Harry Potter, has finally risen from its long slumber…and looks like it could be quite sensational. the movie will debut in theaters around Thanksgiving.

*there were two trailers released this week. the US version appears to be akin to Sherlock Holmes, while the UK version (above) is darker and more on-par with the original story. also, it features an eerily electronic cover of The Doors’ “Break On Through (To The Other Side).”

never mind the bollocks, here’s a Punk History reading list

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i read a lot of books about music in my leisure time, whether it’s a biography of a specific artist or the history of different genres. one such style that has a large number of publications available is Punk, as noted by a recent article on Book Riot. it was one of the most important musical revolutions of the 20th Century, and it’s only fitting that volumes have been written about it in the past 35 years or so. if you’re looking for some late summer reading, look no further! most of these titles can be found online, at used bookstores, or even at your local library.

{author’s note: the most recent one i picked up is Anger Is An Energy by John Lydon. i had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lydon at a book signing several months ago. despite the public’s preconceived notion of his personality, he’s actually a pretty normal guy.}


i never metadata i didn’t like

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i’m not much of a Star Trek fan, but this is quite clever.


time tested

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the 1980’s brought us countless cutting edge and ahead-of-their-time artists, some of whom are still very much active today. but for every act that ascended to stardom, there were others who were doomed to toil in obscurity or were sadly branded as one-hit wonders. if you’re looking for something new-yet-old to add to your collection, give these guys a listen. i’m pleased to see that two acts i’m rather fond of, Gene Loves Jezebel and The Chameleons, made it to the list!

The Chameleons (UK)