infographic: monsters in literature

it’s that time of year again (and i’m not referring to the pumpkin-spice flavor revolution). it’s time to plan out the October reading list, which means plenty of thrills and chills. the website Electric Lit has an infographic of famous literary monsters, ranging from 19th Century classics (Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde) to popular fantasy series (Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter). each character listed features a rating system based on appearance, power, and evil intent. so while the Giant Squid from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ranks lower on the scare scale at just 20%, Pennywise The Clown from Stephen King’s It scores a whopping 100% (which comes as no surprise, given how coulrophobia is quite common in our modern society). if you see a sewer drain while walking in the rain, keep moving.


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