required reading for Goths

books don’t necessarily make or break our identities. we can dress one way, but our reading preferences can be the complete opposite. as a teen, i became engulfed in Goth culture and this included reading books that i felt matched the movement and its style (though i admit, i never got into The Sandman comics and have yet to read Lost Souls). since then, i’ve expanded my tastes not only in books but also in music, fashion, etc. but i still enjoy those Edgar Allen Poe short stories. the list in the linked article isn’t entirely complete, as there are several titles both past and present that fit the bill (Barry Lyga, anyone? yes, his work falls under YA Lit but one of his main characters is a Goth girl). but for now, this is a good starting-off point for anyone who wishes to know more about the darker side of reading or brush up on the classics.


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