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don’t fear the reference desk

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(i had to Google who Glen Benton is in order to get the joke. mission accomplished)



misty mountain mosh

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the many faces of Metal…


…and when music and Middle-Earth collided (some of which hearkens back to the pre-Peter Jackson era).

reading party tonight! alright!

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remember the American Library Association Read Campaign posters displayed just about everywhere? they featured a variety of celebrities promoting the fun and value of reading. i’ve had this one as a bookmark for the past 25 years (given to me by my then-local library), and it’s still in one piece. but for every celebrity that has been a part of the campaign, there are some who have yet to participate. here’s two that should be added to the list:


better listen to these guys. if not, they might throw a book at you.

surprise, surprise

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the library contains a plethora of wonders waiting to be discovered by its patrons. it also, however, can occasionally harbor a few (unusual) surprises in its collection.


i’ve added a poll to see what readers of this blog have come across in their libraries. feel free to share your answers.

do the Dewey

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on this day in 1851, Melvil Dewey was born. he was the founder of the widely used Dewey Decimal Classification System, which is still implemented into many libraries despite the radical shift towards digitization. Mevil Dewey, thank you for your contribution to libraries everywhere!



silence is golden

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it is one of the most iconic and recognizable songs in contemporary music. from its opening notes to its closing tune, “The Sound Of Silence” is inescapable. it has been featured prominently in popular culture, and has received musical makeovers from countless artists in a variety of genres. the latest of these renditions comes from an unlikely candidate who has managed to turn a simple folk song into a profound listening experience. now, they’ve paired with a brilliant director who has created some visionary clips throughout his career (including this one and this one, among many others) to present an audiovisual encounter that alters everything we know about the original version. welcome back, gentleman.