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lego my ego

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i’ve been a fan of Killing Joke for years, and have been fortunate to see them in concert a few times. this is not a common occurrence, given that these gentlemen aren’t US citizens. so when news of a full-scale US tour broke (in recent years, they have only appeared sporadically on our shores, typically in New York or Los Angeles), there was much rejoicing…until some “unspecified health issues” (they’re not exactly spring chickens) caused the entire itinerary to be scrapped, leaving the US fans with broken hearts and fuller wallets as refunds were issued. the other day, i came across a very clever and rather cute representation of the Post-Punk pioneers as Lego figures. while it doesn’t quite make up for the tour cancellation, it does warrant a smile.



the scream team

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when it comes to musicians turning towards acting careers (or vice versa), it can be hit-or-miss (let us not forget this classic earworm from 1985, which is quite catchy). one area where some musicians tend to thrive (or dive) is horror. the late great David Bowie gave a heartbreaking performance in The Hunger as aging vampire John Blaylock, which remains one of his most treasured roles onscreen 3 decades later. now, two artists that Bowie had a profound influence on are coming together to conjure up some scares on the big screen: Peter Murphy and Kevin ‘Ogre’ Ogilvie. very little is known about the project titled BlackGloveKillerbut just the fact alone that it will feature two of my favorite people in the entire world is more than enough to pique my curiosity.


the dreamy scream team


lord of the guitar strings

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two topics that i tend to revisit on this blog are Tolkien and Metal. these two subjects seem to go hand-in-hand, as countless musicians in the genre are influenced by Tolkien’s writings…and it’s not just these guys or those equally famous Canadian dudes. there’s a whole slew of headbangers who have found inspiration in the Professor’s creations. as far as i know, it’s the only style of music that incorporates J.R.R.’s themes into its repertoire (aside from traditional Celtic tunes and some New Age soundscapes). so what makes Tolkien such a Metal icon? it’s because just like in Metal, death is a prominent fixture in Middle-Earth. the number of individuals who get knocked off throughout the books/films is rather extensive, and some characters’ passings are quite memorable. there’s even a list of the most Metal deaths in Middle-Earth, ranked from the mundane to the grandiose. though each character demise is unique, they provide fellows with long hair and all-black wardrobe with some awesomely bad-ass lyrics.


color me rad(d)

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coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. it seems that adults have really taken a keen interest in them, thus sending sales soaring for the coloring book industry. one of the primary reasons grown-ups are drawn to coloring books is they are a source of stress relief, and with everything we need to tend to in our lives (career, family, education, etc.) it’s nice to have a few minutes of quiet time to shade that unicorn or car whatever hue we please.

but coloring books are no longer relegated to the privacy or our home or office. libraries and museums are joining in the fun, too, by asking patrons to stop in and color reproductions of pieces from their collections. this week only (Feb. 1-5), a number of institutions will be participating in Color Our Collections Week. find out if any locations near you are offering this exciting opportunity!