lord of the guitar strings

two topics that i tend to revisit on this blog are Tolkien and Metal. these two subjects seem to go hand-in-hand, as countless musicians in the genre are influenced by Tolkien’s writings…and it’s not just these guys or those equally famous Canadian dudes. there’s a whole slew of headbangers who have found inspiration in the Professor’s creations. as far as i know, it’s the only style of music that incorporates J.R.R.’s themes into its repertoire (aside from traditional Celtic tunes and some New Age soundscapes). so what makes Tolkien such a Metal icon? it’s because just like in Metal, death is a prominent fixture in Middle-Earth. the number of individuals who get knocked off throughout the books/films is rather extensive, and some characters’ passings are quite memorable. there’s even a list of the most Metal deaths in Middle-Earth, ranked from the mundane to the grandiose. though each character demise is unique, they provide fellows with long hair and all-black wardrobe with some awesomely bad-ass lyrics.



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