England’s dreaming, 40 years later

for years, people have been saying that Punk is dead. while some of its famous (and not-so famous) players may have passed onto the Great Pogo Pit in the Sky, many are still actively recording (John Lydon is a millionaire thanks to the return of Public Image Limited) as others have moved out of the spotlight to pursue less high-profile careers and start families. but they’re all together again, thanks to a new exhibition at the British Library coming in May. the world-renowned institution will mark the 40th anniversary of one of England’s finest exports with an archive chronicling those raucous years (1976-1978) that have been forever embedded into music history. the library’s popular music curator, Andy Linehan, was a teen when the Punk movement broke out in the UK, so the archive holds both cultural and personal significance. Linehan is excited about sharing the collection with those who remember it well, as well as those who were too young (or not even born yet) at the time. among the assets featured include periodicals, clothing, videos, and other assorted goodies. if you live in London, or happen to be visiting it this spring, be sure to check out the exhibit!


John Lydon endorses libraries in his own unique way




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