you’re on candid camera!

back in ancient times before the camera phone became ubiquitous (ok, not THAT long ago), we all took pictures the old-fashioned way with actual cameras, and had to wait days or even weeks for the rolls to develop. granted, there are still folks who would rather capture moments in the traditional manner. but the days of Fotomat are long behind us, so standard film processing options have become fewer due in part to the fast capabilities of the camera phone.

just about everyone has found undeveloped film rolls laying around their apartment/house at some point, wondering what was on them and fearing if they get it developed that it might contain awkward or risque pictures. do they toss the rolls, or do they fork over the money to see what’s on them? that’s where Levi Bettwieser steps in. Bettwieser is a photographer from Boise, ID who was inspired by all these lost film rolls to create a website called The Rescued Film Project. the majority of the shots are of vacations, birthday parties, pets, and other typical photo ops. sometimes, Bettwieser finds more unique pieces like kids taking pictures of each other underwater and even images from WWII. many of the images have been shared online, though Bettwieser does take into account the privacy of the photo owners…so if you recognize yourself in a series of photos from the 90’s featuring Backstreet Boys (are they called Backstreet Men these days?) posters plastered on the walls of your bedroom, you might want to law low for awhile.


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