walk, walk, walkman on heaven’s door

if you’ve ever wondered what to do with that old Walkman, the first thought that probably comes to mind would be to toss it or donate it. but archivists at the National Film & Sound Archive, located in Canberra, Australia, have different plans for outdated technology: preserving it.

the NFSA’s shelves contain an endless array of devices ranging from phonographs to the I-Pod Nano. the majority of the items in this collection were at one point owned by various consumers, who eventually retired them in favor of more modern pieces. as those of us who are familiar with preservation and conservation concepts know, temperature storage is key when it comes to maintaining any kind of physical record. room temperature at NSFA is kept at 18 degrees C (around 64 degrees F), which is relatively comfortable.

obviously, one reason the staff are archiving these relics is because they, like many other records, tell a story. in addition, just because the Walkman hasn’t been popular since the 1990’s, it doesn’t mean it still can’t play those cassettes we forgot we owned.





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