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keepin’ it reel

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it’s no secret that film archives are headed toward the digital path. but what happens to those brave souls- the projectionists- once the format shift takes effect…are they out of a job? do they continue to work in the field they love, even if it means low pay and sitting in a dark, tiny room isolated from the audience? fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom for projectionists. there are still quite a number of older movie-houses in the US and abroad, and some of them are quite lovely…even if you’re watching a new release, you still feel like you’ve stepped back 30-40 years in time judging from the decor (and the low cost of snacks). there are even some theaters that still have telephone booths still in tact! England has a number of older cinemas, as profiled in a piece in The Guardian complete with slide shows of the men and women who “make the movies move.” film projectionists, we salute you!







this is the song that never ends…

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The Neverending Story is an 80’s classic. it’s cultural impact is so prevalent, it even received its own humorous and clever Spotify ad recently (featuring some familiar faces from the original 1984 film). check out the behind-the-scenes clip, too!


alright, hang on tight!

national library week 2016! woo hoo!

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it’s that time of year again…National Library Week! be sure to show your information professional some extra appreciation!


scenes from a memory

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what makes a great Prog Rock album…is it the musicianship? the story line? the imagery? it’s a little bit of everything, quite honestly. without one element, the others are unbalanced.

now with that out of the way, the question of which is the best Prog album of all time has been debated and argued since the 1970’s. while there are some obvious selections that come to mind, they are merely fractions of larger conceptual recordings. a website called The Prog Report polled its readers, and the results led to the top 10 Concept Albums. do you agree or disagree with the final selections?


silence is deafening

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Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” is an American classic, by all accounts. for one thing, it’s part of the National Recording Registry. even if you can’t stand the song, its opening melody is instantly recognizable and it’s been covered and parodied in pop culture too many times to count. the theme of the song deals with people’s inability to communicate emotionally with one another, something that is unfortunately true of modern society.

in recent months, a new take on this beloved tune has not only attracted a new generation of fans, but has also changed the public’s perceptions of the artist who has breathed new life into it. that band is Disturbed, commonly known for its loud, aggressive sound, political and socially conscious lyrics, and the foreboding presence of singer David Draiman, whose previous life as a Rabbinical Studies candidate makes him somewhat of an anomaly in the Metal world. the group are also known to include cover songs on several of their albums (including a defiant version of Genesis’ mid-80’s political saga “Land of Confusion“, sans the creepy Reagan puppets). now, the concept of a Metal band putting a spin on an iconic folk ditty might sound strange and even, well…disturbing (no pun intended). but their version has broken barriers and brought tears to the eyes of even the most stoic of Metal fans…and to add to the acclaim, Paul Simon himself even lauded what Draiman and Co. (plus a few very lucky orchestral musicians) have done with his most famous body of work. now that is the ultimate compliment right there!


{author’s note: David Draiman saw me weeping when he performed this live with a small orchestra recently. mission accomplished}