keepin’ it reel

it’s no secret that film archives are headed toward the digital path. but what happens to those brave souls- the projectionists- once the format shift takes effect…are they out of a job? do they continue to work in the field they love, even if it means low pay and sitting in a dark, tiny room isolated from the audience? fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom for projectionists. there are still quite a number of older movie-houses in the US and abroad, and some of them are quite lovely…even if you’re watching a new release, you still feel like you’ve stepped back 30-40 years in time judging from the decor (and the low cost of snacks). there are even some theaters that still have telephone booths still in tact! England has a number of older cinemas, as profiled in a piece in The Guardian complete with slide shows of the men and women who “make the movies move.” film projectionists, we salute you!







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