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sympathy for the devil

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i don’t watch a lot of TV. in fact, i cancelled cable a few months ago and it was the best decision i ever made. as a substitute, i use Roku. it’s not only more affordable, but it has plenty of variety. one series that i was very excited about was Damienwho has been an iconic character in the world of cinematic horror for 40 years. in his own spin-off program, the title character is no longer that creepy kid who gave me nightmares. instead, he is 30 years old (and incredibly handsome, might i add) and living in New York where he works as a photographer (because even Satan has to pay the bills). he has no recollection of anything that has happened in life since his 5th birthday…that all changes while he is on assignment in Damascus, Syria. upon returning to New York, nothing is ever the same again.

although it was a re-imagining of the character, it was remarkably handled, and presented Damien in a more human light because he is, after all…human. sadly, Damien, it wasn’t all for you, as the series was cancelled after just one season. but perhaps if enough people sign the petition for renewal, he may rise again.


steppin’ out across the desert

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remember those rumors about The Dark Tower finally getting a big screen treatment? well, they’re rumors no more! as of a few months ago, several of the cast had been confirmed as well as a director (and while it’s not Ron Howard– the original choice- he will helm the role of producer for this long-awaited epic). so who will be stepping into Roland’s boots and roaming the plains? this well-dressed gentleman here:

idris1 idris1

this is a behind-the-scenes look at Roland, to be played by Idris Elba, who was confirmed for the part in March (it’s funny that he’s holding his cell phone while in costume). there was some initial confusion from the public upon hearing the announcement, as the character of Roland is Caucasian on paper. but regardless of who is playing him, the fact that a literary series once deemed “unfilmable” (like so many others before it) is finally on its journey to be brought to life onscreen is a truly momentous occasion! now we just have to be patient and wait until next year to see the final result…


black is the color of my true love’s fur

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horror characters in films are typically either loved or hated by the movie-going public. it can be difficult to be a fan of someone who, even though they are a work of fiction, has negative intentions towards others. many of these icons have backstories, and we sometimes forget that some of the scariest monsters and most superior creeps were once children before all Hell broke loose. this is where California-based artist Kat Philbin steps in…Ms. Philbin has combined two of her favorite things- horror movies and cats- and created some heartwarming imagery featuring America’s horror icons as cat lovers, proving that not even evil can resist the allure of cuddly felines.



map? i remember the mountain well enough without it.

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are you traveling from Hobbiton to Rivendell? in need of a little assistance? well, the Bodleian Library at Oxford University has recently acquired a map of Middle-Earth for its Tolkien collection. this fictional setting map went unseen for decades until a book shop put it on display with an asking price of 60,000 pounds (equivalent to $87K). the map’s designer, Pauline Baynes, worked with Tolkien in 1949 as he was knee-deep in composing his most famous trilogy. there are annotated notes from Tolkien to Baynes, stating where certain areas should be located (for example, Hobbiton is “at the latitude of Oxford”). to the citizens of Oxford, Mr. Tolkien was a hometown legend as he spent much of his adult life there.


to answer the questions above, simply take the green line (see below). but mind the gap.





the art of war

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the life cycle of a movie is as follows: the film is shot, developed, printed, and ultimately released to the movie theater in reel format so it can be shown onscreen using a projector…at least, that’s how it’s typically been over the past century. film making as we know it changed in 2002 when George Lucas incorporated digital filming techniques into his work, thus ushering technology into the new millennium (falcon).

now, film makers have a wider range of shooting methods and as Forbes contributor and up-and-coming film maker Adam Faze writes, anyone can make a film (or claim to be a photographer) with a press of a button on an iPhone. it should be noted that Faze is only 18, but from the tone of his writing (and his short bio) he is wise beyond his years. when we watch the 10 o’clock news, it looks a certain way because of how it’s filmed. when we watch a movie on a big screen, it shouldn’t look like a live televised PBS program from 1985 (regardless of this, i still remain devoted).

while some in the film industry would argue that film and digital are at odds with each other, Faze is of the opinion that they both have value and thus should work together instead of against each other. hopefully, he can convince the skeptics of this.