the art of war

the life cycle of a movie is as follows: the film is shot, developed, printed, and ultimately released to the movie theater in reel format so it can be shown onscreen using a projector…at least, that’s how it’s typically been over the past century. film making as we know it changed in 2002 when George Lucas incorporated digital filming techniques into his work, thus ushering technology into the new millennium (falcon).

now, film makers have a wider range of shooting methods and as Forbes contributor and up-and-coming film maker Adam Faze writes, anyone can make a film (or claim to be a photographer) with a press of a button on an iPhone. it should be noted that Faze is only 18, but from the tone of his writing (and his short bio) he is wise beyond his years. when we watch the 10 o’clock news, it looks a certain way because of how it’s filmed. when we watch a movie on a big screen, it shouldn’t look like a live televised PBS program from 1985 (regardless of this, i still remain devoted).

while some in the film industry would argue that film and digital are at odds with each other, Faze is of the opinion that they both have value and thus should work together instead of against each other. hopefully, he can convince the skeptics of this.



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