steppin’ out across the desert

remember those rumors about The Dark Tower finally getting a big screen treatment? well, they’re rumors no more! as of a few months ago, several of the cast had been confirmed as well as a director (and while it’s not Ron Howard– the original choice- he will helm the role of producer for this long-awaited epic). so who will be stepping into Roland’s boots and roaming the plains? this well-dressed gentleman here:

idris1 idris1

this is a behind-the-scenes look at Roland, to be played by Idris Elba, who was confirmed for the part in March (it’s funny that he’s holding his cell phone while in costume). there was some initial confusion from the public upon hearing the announcement, as the character of Roland is Caucasian on paper. but regardless of who is playing him, the fact that a literary series once deemed “unfilmable” (like so many others before it) is finally on its journey to be brought to life onscreen is a truly momentous occasion! now we just have to be patient and wait until next year to see the final result…



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