sympathy for the devil

i don’t watch a lot of TV. in fact, i cancelled cable a few months ago and it was the best decision i ever made. as a substitute, i use Roku. it’s not only more affordable, but it has plenty of variety. one series that i was very excited about was Damienwho has been an iconic character in the world of cinematic horror for 40 years. in his own spin-off program, the title character is no longer that creepy kid who gave me nightmares. instead, he is 30 years old (and incredibly handsome, might i add) and living in New York where he works as a photographer (because even Satan has to pay the bills). he has no recollection of anything that has happened in life since his 5th birthday…that all changes while he is on assignment in Damascus, Syria. upon returning to New York, nothing is ever the same again.

although it was a re-imagining of the character, it was remarkably handled, and presented Damien in a more human light because he is, after all…human. sadly, Damien, it wasn’t all for you, as the series was cancelled after just one season. but perhaps if enough people sign the petition for renewal, he may rise again.


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