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grand designs

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happy birthday, Geddy Lee! this should really be a national holiday in Canada.



ride ’em, cowboy

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summer is in full force, and the heat can be felt not only in the temperatures but also in the excitement surrounding the upcoming Dark Tower film. everyday, Roland’s epic quest becomes more and more realistic, and now even more so with a photographic first look(!!!!!) at scenes from the movie. we see Roland, but we also meet arch-nemesis The Man In Black (alright, alright, alright!) and young Jake Chambers, who guides our hero through the streets of New York  (because navigating the city bus system can be confusing to visitors, especially ones from other dimensions).


loving the alien

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Sweden is known for many things: coffee, ABBA, fjords. but UFO’s aren’t commonly associated with this Scandinavian nation, unless you live in or visit the town of Norrköping (pop. 126,000), located less than 2 hours south of Stockholm. it is here that you’ll find The Archives For The Unexplained (aka the UFO Archives), which are housed in storage facilities located in the basements of apartment buildings, whose residents may or may not be aware of what’s underneath them. the library was founded in 1980 by Anders Liljegren and two of his friends when they were in their early 20’s. today, the archive holds about 20,000 items in its unique collection, and Liljegren is its administrative manager who also gives curious parties guided tours of the archive. as of a few years ago, the organization expanded its collection outside of the UFO scope and now accepts materials on topics ranging from the paranormal to unproven mysteries such as the Loch Ness Monster, giving this otherwise quiet city something to talk about. most people outside of Sweden probably aren’t aware of this archive’s existence but thanks to Internet research, hobbyists who are interested in science fiction can dig deeper into learning about this archive, even if they don’t get a chance to visit it in person.


the prince and old lady shade

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“My 10th birthday at Stonehenge, my brother Chris and my playground on our long summers with the Sunshine Heart elder sister Shirley (Shirl). Chris and me are like twins but I cut him out of this picture for today (I’m the better looking one), and anyway it’s my birthday. I was planning to take Duncs down to the Cathedral, which had flood lights set in a dip. It had to be just after dark. Why? Because I had planned my first performance with an audience of one (Duncan). I killed it as I sang full out Jean Genie, lit up perfectly by the up beams of the super troopers flood lights which cast shadows on Salisbury Cathedral’s highest spire. Happy Birthday”  –  Peter Murphy (born on this day in 1957)

this 10 year old kid grew up to be an incredibly handsome man