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good day, sir

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he was everyone’s favorite music-maker and dreamer of dreams


father figure

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earlier this year, the Library of Congress inducted Metallica’s Master Of Puppets into its registry. now, the band has a new book coming out which explores the recording process of the album as well as the tour that followed. the 1986 tour was a major turning point for the group both professionally and personally, and the memories of it remain etched into the minds of music historians and fans alike. but of all the contributors to this book, there is one who stands out the most and that’s Mr. Ray Burton, father of the late Cliff Burton. if there was ever a man who truly loved his family*, it’s him.



*you’re going to want the Kleenex.

i heard you on the wireless back in ’52…make that ’81

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August 1 marked the 35th anniversary of MTV (don’t you feel old just reading that?) and with it came the launch of MTV Classic, which brought back many familiar faces to our screens. the decision to add a new channel came about due in part to this momentous occasion, but also to draw back viewers who might have tuned out when the network shifted its format from music and entertainment to reality television.

the wave of nostalgia is setting in not only for MTV, but also for the early days of the Internet (we can thank all the ridiculous memes about dial-up for that)…and there’s no better way to enjoy the two together than this video from 1995 explaining the wonders of the Internet (celebrity cameos included, annoying dial-up tone need not apply)!