every Stephen King novel, Twitter-ized

if you’ve ever read a Stephen King novel, then you know it’s the type of reading that requires a number of bathroom or snack breaks (particularly if the novel in question is The Stand or It). but for those who are impatient readers or have yet to read any of the so-called Master of Horror’s works, the best way for fans to lure them into a King book is to summarize it…which is exactly what blogger/writer Max Booth III has done…in 140 characters!


Image result for stephen king memes

it might take about 1100 pages, but i promise it’ll be a good one!


(oh, and that Dark Tower trailer should be seeing the light of day sometime soon…)


One Response to “every Stephen King novel, Twitter-ized”

  1. Whenever I read Stephen King, I feel glued to reading until I’ve finished it! 😛

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