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how der hobit learned der Yiddish

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ever read a book in an entirely different language? it can either be really fun or really confusing, depending on how fluent you are in said language. now, try reading a book in Yiddish…that’s correct, the old-fashioned German-esque dialect which has been popularized  in our modern culture can also be found in the pages of classic literature. perhaps people’s grandparents might have read Shakespeare in Yiddish…but did they ever read The Hobbit? they weren’t able to, until a few years ago when a computer programmer named Barry Goldstein took on the momentous task of translating JRRT’s beloved story into a language that isn’t as widely spoken in the world (unless you live in Russia, Israel, or Brooklyn), yet still holds value to a generation who read it when it was first published in 1937. you can order a copy from Amazon, however, it’s probably best not to travel to Erebor if you can’t read the map.

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“is that Yiddish or Elvish?”


burnin’ for U(K)

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Punk has always been about rebellion and protest against mainstream society, especially in the United Kingdom. there are people who worship the music/lifestyle, and there are those who despise it. but one individual might have taken his disdain for it a little too far: by burning a personal collection valued at nearly 5 million pounds(!), or around $6.25M(!).

so who is this perpetrator? a fellow named Joe Corre, who happens to be the son of the late Malcolm McLaren, the former manager of the Sex Pistols. apparently, Mr. Corre feels strongly that Punk was “never meant to be nostalgic“, and thus is willing to torch a 40-year legacy over his beliefs. Corre has also been slammed by his late father’s former client, John Lydon, who had some choice words for Corre in a recent NME article.

somewhere, the ghost of Sid Vicious is weeping…or plotting revenge…or just passed out.

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lord of the biopics

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biopics can be tricky; a filmmaker really needs to know their subject well by doing their homework. whether the person in question is a president, musician, or athlete, the people whose opinions matter the most are the fans…and if they don’t like what they see, they’ll be very disappointed in how their hero or heroine is portrayed. it seems most historical figures (whether they are currently living or deceased) have received the biopic treatment, but there are a few who have yet to get their turn on the big screen. one of those just happens to be one of my favorite people, who has been blogged about several times over the years (he does provide some great conversation pieces, after all).

now that there will be no more journeys to New Zealand (or at least, not anytime soon), it’s only fitting that the man behind the grey rain curtain is getting his own story adapted into a motion picture. while it’s still too early to determine who will play the Professor, there is a director in place…”and that is an encouraging thought!”



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“Edith, we’re getting our own movie!” 

protecting your library, Medieval-style

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librarians and archivists go through great lengths to ensure the assets of their organization are protected from damage and theft, not to mention returned on time. they carefully explain the rules of borrowing materials to patrons and internal employees, allowing them to understand that these records are for a specific purpose only. pretty simple, right? well, if you lived during Medieval Times, there were far worse reprimands than forking over late fees. if you stole or defaced a book, you could be hit with a demon sword, excommunicated from the church, or even killed. ouch! those Medieval scribes spent years creating books and manuscripts and took their craft very seriously, so keep that in mind next time you visit the library and that copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child catches your eye.


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a detour to the Dark Tower’s door

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it seems Roland’s journey towards The Dark Tower has taken a bit of a detour. originally slated for release on February 17, 2017, the once-unfilmmable story is being shifted to a Summer 2017 opening, largely due to requiring extensions on special effects. a rough-cut trailer leaked last month, but Sony yanked it immediately before things got too out of hand on the Internet. even though i’ve waited waaaaaay too long for this movie to finally see the light of day, i actually feel it makes more sense to promote it as a summer blockbuster…because the majority of the US (save for those few states who are blessed with mild-to-non-existent winters) will unlikely be going out to the movies (or much of anywhere else, for that matter) in February.


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“it’s better to camp outside the theater in summer  anyway”


UPDATE: set for release on July 28, 2017!