lord of the biopics

biopics can be tricky; a filmmaker really needs to know their subject well by doing their homework. whether the person in question is a president, musician, or athlete, the people whose opinions matter the most are the fans…and if they don’t like what they see, they’ll be very disappointed in how their hero or heroine is portrayed. it seems most historical figures (whether they are currently living or deceased) have received the biopic treatment, but there are a few who have yet to get their turn on the big screen. one of those just happens to be one of my favorite people, who has been blogged about several times over the years (he does provide some great conversation pieces, after all).

now that there will be no more journeys to New Zealand (or at least, not anytime soon), it’s only fitting that the man behind the grey rain curtain is getting his own story adapted into a motion picture. while it’s still too early to determine who will play the Professor, there is a director in place…”and that is an encouraging thought!”



Image result for tolkien

“Edith, we’re getting our own movie!” 


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