how der hobit learned der Yiddish

ever read a book in an entirely different language? it can either be really fun or really confusing, depending on how fluent you are in said language. now, try reading a book in Yiddish…that’s correct, the old-fashioned German-esque dialect which has been popularized  in our modern culture can also be found in the pages of classic literature. perhaps people’s grandparents might have read Shakespeare in Yiddish…but did they ever read The Hobbit? they weren’t able to, until a few years ago when a computer programmer named Barry Goldstein took on the momentous task of translating JRRT’s beloved story into a language that isn’t as widely spoken in the world (unless you live in Russia, Israel, or Brooklyn), yet still holds value to a generation who read it when it was first published in 1937. you can order a copy from Amazon, however, it’s probably best not to travel to Erebor if you can’t read the map.

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“is that Yiddish or Elvish?”


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