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let it all out

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The Shout is one of those films that’s impossible to describe to anyone who has never heard of it (i was one of those individuals once upon a time. i had no idea what this movie was about, i just knew it starred John “there’s an alien busting out of my chest” Hurt)…it’s not a horror film, even though it’s often lumped into the category. it could possibly be a thriller, albeit one with psychological elements. it’s definitely a British art-house flick, even though it was directed by a Polish guy. anyway, it’s taken me years to finally watch the whole thing, because copies of it are rather difficult to come across in America. now that i’ve gotten around to viewing this odd little number, i’ll give a brief synopsis without revealing too much:

weird, scruffy-looking dude who claims to have magic powers and lived in the Aborigines wanders down from sand dunes and makes himself a tad too comfortable in a married couple‘s countryside home, all set to a moody soundtrack by 2/3 of Genesis. oh, and Tim Curry is in there, too. 

it’s a really bizarre film told largely in flashback, and you have to look closely to figure out what’s going on. think of the situation these three main characters are in as trying to get rid of a REALLY unwanted house guest. if you’re an Anglophile, have a degree in film studies, or are into experimental music, it might appeal to you. but there’s one very important thing to keep in mind…


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“…do not set the volume too looooouuud!”


is this the book that i’ve been searchin’ for?

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how does a library boost morale for its staff and foot traffic among its patrons? by interjecting a little humor into its social media presence. such is the case of the Orkney Library, located in the Orkney Islands of Scotland (citizens of Orkney can take a ferry to Aberdeen if they want to go to the mainland, or vice versa), who decided to have a little fun with its Twitter account. not only does it attract a wider audience through the internet (including library-loving tourists), but it also encourages people to come to the library dressed up like their favorite member of Whitesnake! in short, everybody wins.


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old habits (hobbits) die hard

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15 years ago today, The Fellowship Of The Ring graced moviegoers with its presence, setting the stage for what would become one of the highest-grossing film series of all time…and yet, it still feels like yesterday. in fact, here’s the very first trailerah, memories

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…and who knew it would have led to a thousand Sean Bean memes!

Unbread, Unbread, Unbread

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the Godfather of Goth does not approve of dinner theater.


Source: Peter Murphy is not a fan of cheeseburger eating bouncers



[author’s note: i still love him]

diagnosis: Bibliomania

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a bibliophile is someone who collects books. you don’t have to be a librarian to have a huge collection, you just need to love reading. but what happens when your fondness for books gets out of hand, and is effecting more than just the space in your home?

such is the case of Dr. Alois Pichler, who took a position at the Imperial Public Library in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1869. he was constantly surrounded by books, as is common when working in an archive. but Pichler’s colleagues noticed strange behavior among their co-worker, as well as a large number of materials that had gone missing since he joined the staff. two years later, it was noted that Pichler had pilfered over 4500 books- the largest library crime on record! he was eventually let go, and put on trial for his crimes of (reading) passion. Pichler’s lawyer claimed his client suffered from Bibliomania, described as “a mental condition where an individual displays an overzealous passion for book collecting.” although it was never actually classified as a medical condition, Bibliomania, which swept through Europe during the 19th Century, sent folks into a panic. Alois Pichler was eventually found guilty and exiled to Siberia for his book coveting.

today, Bibliomania might be akin to hoarding behavior. but owning a ton of books doesn’t necessarily translate into hoarding. if there is ample space to walk through the living room (or wherever you keep your library), then that’s a positive sign.


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holy cold creeps, Batman!

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has the impending doom of holiday music taken hold of your mind/body/soul yet (after all, it did start right after the Halloween decorations came down so there was plenty of time for it to sink in)? fear not, for there is a solution to the December holiday insanity: a new film from the folks at Blumhouse Productions about possession (because we all feel like we’ve been possessed after hearing “Let It Snow” for the billionth time while standing in line to buy organic salad mix)! at first glance, Incarnate looks like any other exorcism film released at an odd time of year that isn’t October: levitating bodies, possessed kids, etc. etc. but unlike the standard trope of fighting the good fight with faith, it is science that takes the lead this time as an exorcist (Aaron Eckhart) taps into the subconscious mind of a tormented boy who’s possessed by a demon. in other words, it’s The Exorcist meets Inception…or something along those lines. it’s certainly a new take on an old style. as an added bonus, the boy in question is none other than young Bruce Wayne! he’s only a teenager, but running a billion-dollar family enterprise, fighting crime (well, he hasn’t quite reached that point yet on Gotham, demonic possession…it’s all in a day’s work.


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“i’m Batman…or i will be, once my voice deepens”