let it all out

The Shout is one of those films that’s impossible to describe to anyone who has never heard of it (i was one of those individuals once upon a time. i had no idea what this movie was about, i just knew it starred John “there’s an alien busting out of my chest” Hurt)…it’s not a horror film, even though it’s often lumped into the category. it could possibly be a thriller, albeit one with psychological elements. it’s definitely a British art-house flick, even though it was directed by a Polish guy. anyway, it’s taken me years to finally watch the whole thing, because copies of it are rather difficult to come across in America. now that i’ve gotten around to viewing this odd little number, i’ll give a brief synopsis without revealing too much:

weird, scruffy-looking dude who claims to have magic powers and lived in the Aborigines wanders down from sand dunes and makes himself a tad too comfortable in a married couple‘s countryside home, all set to a moody soundtrack by 2/3 of Genesis. oh, and Tim Curry is in there, too. 

it’s a really bizarre film told largely in flashback, and you have to look closely to figure out what’s going on. think of the situation these three main characters are in as trying to get rid of a REALLY unwanted house guest. if you’re an Anglophile, have a degree in film studies, or are into experimental music, it might appeal to you. but there’s one very important thing to keep in mind…


Image result for the shout movie

“…do not set the volume too looooouuud!”


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