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what an excellent day for a(nother) series renewal

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when a TV series based on The Exorcist was announced last year, i was initially skeptical…after all, it’s a classic in both print and visual form and with the over-saturation of remakes and reboots infiltrating the entertainment industry, i feared it’s reputation would be slathered in pea soup. but when the pilot episode aired last September, i was pleasantly surprised and drawn in just as i was with the small screen version of Damien. but while the latter was sadly cancelled after one season, the former has been renewed for a second run. the first season’s highlight was the surprise return of Regan (and to a lesser extent, Chris) MacNeil. there are no details yet as to the plot for season 2, but for everyone who was curious as to whether the show would return, it looks like those prayers have been answered. amen!


darkness before dawn

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hello, gentlemen…the world has been expecting you for some time now. so good of you to drop in.

slow and (not-so) steady, gunslinger

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what indeed…


i suppose i should be used to this by now…after all, it took decades before Middle-Earth finally made it to the big screen.





                            on second thought…                                

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old habits (hobbits) die hard

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15 years ago today, The Fellowship Of The Ring graced moviegoers with its presence, setting the stage for what would become one of the highest-grossing film series of all time…and yet, it still feels like yesterday. in fact, here’s the very first trailerah, memories

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…and who knew it would have led to a thousand Sean Bean memes!

faith and fear on the big screen

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the days leading up to Halloween are usually set aside for watching classic horror films. the Horror genre is so wide, it encompasses many different stories. one of the most common themes in Horror is religion, and there have been quite a number of films that incorporate faith into the plot. here’s a list of the top 10 religious horror movies. plenty of the entries are widely recognized and critically acclaimed. in fact, The Exorcist is now a weekly television series, and has exceeded its initially skeptical audience’s expectations. one of the lesser known flicks on the list, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, is a standout because it combines horror with courtroom drama…now that’s something you don’t see everyday! but in all seriousness, it’s based on an actual case (as is a recurring pattern with movies about exorcism).

one thing to note from this list is that they have Christianity in common. but there are plenty of films where other faiths are highlighted throughout the story. a terrific example is The Possession, which is based on the Dybbuk Box story (a truly creepy one, too!) and presents its point of view from Judaism. no matter what path you follow, religious horror films (if done properly, as there have been some real duds produced over the years) are certainly an interesting topic of conversation all year round!

ride ’em, cowboy

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summer is in full force, and the heat can be felt not only in the temperatures but also in the excitement surrounding the upcoming Dark Tower film. everyday, Roland’s epic quest becomes more and more realistic, and now even more so with a photographic first look(!!!!!) at scenes from the movie. we see Roland, but we also meet arch-nemesis The Man In Black (alright, alright, alright!) and young Jake Chambers, who guides our hero through the streets of New York  (because navigating the city bus system can be confusing to visitors, especially ones from other dimensions).


remember his name, remember his face

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now that some of the main cast for The Dark Tower have been confirmed and a few behind-the-scenes images have surfaced, what’s next? how about a big ‘ol teaser from Roland himself!



it’s really happening…